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Eight Shares Members Sponsor Movies with a Message

published 26 Mar. 2021

Eight members of Community Shares were selected as Community Partners for films at the 45th Cleveland International Film Festival. Support our Shares members and watch films that emphasize the importance of social justice!

Due to the pandemic, the festival will be completely virtual. Moviegoers can enjoy the films from the comfort of their own homes! Single screening tickets are $10 per film. You can gain special perks and discounts by becoming a CIFF member.

General Public Ticket Sale: Friday, March 26, 11:00am

All films can be screened Thursday, April 8 at 11:00am- Tuesday, April 20 at 11:59pm. Due to distributor and filmmaker restrictions, access to CIFF 45 Streams is limited to viewers in the USA, with some being limited to viewers in the region. Additionally, like seats at Film Festival theaters, all streams are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Every film is limited to a maximum number of “seats” and streams.

On the Ride
Bike Cleveland
For $1.00 off, use code: BIKE 
On his morning bike ride, Scott grapples with the memories of a trauma he experienced with his husband Todd. When his route takes an unexpected turn, Scott finds himself on the doorstep of a stranger intimately connected to a past he can’t shake. (Part of Shorts Program 10)

Medicine Man: The Stan Brock Story
Business Volunteers Unlimited
For $1.00 off, use code: BVU
From a cowboy wrangling cattle on the Amazonia ranches of South America, to starring on the wildly popular television program, Wild Kingdom, Stan Brock's most enduring legacy has been his dedication to solving one of the world's biggest issues: health care. His nonprofit, Remote Area Medical, has provided over $60 million in free healthcare to people all around the world, including in the USA. This documentary examines Stan Brock's legendary life, while exposing America's broken health care system and the urgent need for change.

Missing in Brooks County
For $1.00 off, use code: IRTFCA 
Over the last decade, thousands have gone missing in Brooks County, Texas, just north of the Mexican border. Immigration is not just a political debate, but a real-life issue that has life and death consequences in Brooks County and elsewhere. Heart-broken people on both sides of the border desperately want to know what's happened to their loved ones. Missing in Brooks County follows two of these families as they search for answers. As their mysteries unfold, the severity of this broken immigration system becomes more and more apparent. (In English and Spanish with subtitles)

Lake Erie Ink: a writing space for youth
For $1.00 off, use code: INK 
Minna and her father are a close-knit family, but this changes when Minna's father moves his fiancée and her daughter Jenny to their home in the countryside.  Jenny is a manipulative bully, who is kind only when the parents are present. Minna, unable to show the problem to her father, plans to fix it herself with the help of dreambuilders, the creatures charged with constructing human dreams on elaborate theater stages. The meddling starts as mischief, but soon creates dire consequences. This animated fantasy adventure features a blended family's struggle to bond and encourages us to look beyond superficial first impressions. (Dubbed in English)

Chasing Childhood
NAMI Greater Cleveland
For $1.00 off, use code: NAMI 
Chasing Childhood explores the growing trend for children to be over-scheduled, overburdened, and overprotected yet still unprepared for the world. Profiling three communities working to shift the helicopter parenting culture, this documentary interviews well-intentioned parents, exhausted children, and concerned experts advocating for expanding play and fostering independence. The film examines how these practices can hopefully help raise happier, healthier, and more competent adults while also stimulating a dramatic cultural change in our education system.

The 8th
NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio Foundation and Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio
For $1.00 off, use code: NARAL or PPGOH
In 1983, the people of Ireland voted to add an Eighth Amendment to the constitution, giving the unborn an equal right to life as the mother; essentially a constitutional ban on abortion.  Women's rights advocates have gone head-to-head with the conservative church for decades to overturn the amendment. Ailbhe Smyth, a veteran activist in her 70s, will stop at nothing to overturn this amendment and rallies women to take to the streets.  The 8th is a powerful documentary that demonstrates the formidable force of a group of women coming together to fight for their rights

One-Way to Moscow
Near West Theatre
For $1.00 off, use code: THEATRE 
An undercover cop, Viktor Schuler, is sent to suss out potentially dangerous “radical” politics of a leftist theater group as they mount a production of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night in 1989 Zurich. While in disguise, Viktor finds himself questioning his assignment and his own prejudices. One-Way to Moscow is a delightful romp bursting with vibrant period details and charming humor while offering a joyful salve to these trying times. As the final curtain rises and the film draws to a close, this sly political charmer speaks directly to the power of an open mind and open heart. (In Swiss-German with subtitles)

*Film descriptions pulled, and abridged, from CIFF guide.

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The Cleveland Transformation Alliance joins Community Shares!
Social Justice in Film at CIFF45
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