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Award Nominations



Social Justice Award Nominations


The 2021 Social Justice Awards Nomination Deadline is approaching! 


Nomination Deadline August 13, 2021


Nomination Guidelines

Eleanor R. Gerson Leadership in Social Justice AwardThis award honors an individual who has demonstrated ongoing, long term leadership in the advancement of social justice and has made significant contributions to social justice causes.
Distinguished Activist AwardThis award honors an individual connected to Greater Cleveland Community Shares whose social justice activism and efforts have demonstrably contributed to the mission and/or effectiveness of Community Shares in a significant and positive way in the past year.
Rising Activist AwardThis award honors an individual under the age of 40 connected to Greater Cleveland Community Shares whose demonstrable contributions of social justice activism and efforts in the past year set a strong example for young adult leadership and engagement in the social justice arena in Greater Cleveland.
Social Justice Communications AwardThis award honors outstanding communications in Greater Cleveland regarding social justice issues, helping strengthen social justice awareness, advocacy, and/or action. Nominations can include individuals; specific news stories or organizations; relevant public relations/marketing; social media campaigns by specific organizations; innovative and/or effective communications initiatives by/about social justice oriented organizations or individuals; or other media/communications efforts that specifically fit the social-justice themed description above.

Member Organization of the Year AwardThis award honors the Community Shares Member Organization that has made the most notable and significant contributions to building a stronger local community and to advancing social justice in the past year.
Please complete each nomination form electronically, including scanned support documents and email to forms@communityshares.org with “Social Justice Awards Nomination” in subject line
Mail supporting documents that cannot be emailed to:
Social Justice Awards Committee - Greater Cleveland Community Shares
3631 Perkins Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44114
Be sure to include your name and nominee’s name with supporting documents with EACH nomination.
Keep a copy for your records.
Members will receive 2 points per complete* nominations submitted, and an additional 2 points if the nominee is selected (total 4 points). *complete nomination requires the form is filled out completely, including contact information, a biography or resume and support material. Incomplete nominations will not receive points.

For a list of previous recipients, click here.



Board of Directors Candidate Nominations


Nominations are closed at this time.


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