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Benefits of a Campaign

The Importance of an Expanded Workplace Campaign

An annual workplace charitable giving campaign provides an opportunity for employees to be involved in a major workplace activity, working side-by-side with management. Expanded workplace campaigns complement this process by demonstrating a corporate commitment to supporting employees in their charitable choices and interests. This integration of professional and personal interests strengthens employee relations and enhances other elements such as matching gifts and volunteer programs.

As an employer, you have the opportunity to play a leadership role. By expanding your workplace campaign to include Community Shares you are helping to make our community stronger. It is good for the community, your employees, and your company. What’s more, opening your workplace campaign is inexpensive and easy to do.


Including Community Shares in an Expanded Campaign. . .

. . . Enhances your company’s role in the community

Workplace campaigns are an effective, low cost tool to enhance a company’s image among key stakeholders and the general public. By supporting Community Shares through an open campaign, you are fostering a positive company image while encouraging employee choice and helping to meet the needs of our community.

. . . Increases employee giving

When employees are offered a wider selection of charitable organizations in their workplace campaigns, they give more generously. Too often, employees see their workplace campaigns as the company’s choice--an institutional program implemented from the top down. The presence of choice reduces the chances that employees will feel pressured to give. More choice means more employees will find causes that they wish to support.

. . . Improves employee relations

Trends indicate that America’s changing work environment favors employee empowerment and involvement. An expanded campaign places more control and responsibility in the hands of employees. Employees recognize that their employer values their charitable choices and interests. The result is that employees identify workplace charitable choice as a hallmark of a preferred employer and an exciting place to work.

. . . Helps create a stronger community

Expanding your annual campaign will help create a heightened awareness among your employees of the problems we face as a community. Because employee contributions can be directed to specific agencies, donors often feel a stronger bond with the organizations they support. These links between companies, people and local organizations define our community.

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